Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Essay 1: Fun Fair Days

Fun Fair Days
Last year, when a midterm sem holidays, I have go to the fun fair at my place with all my family. We are arrived there at about six-thirty in the evening, the music was playing and the fairground was lit up with fairy light. The places was crowded. Everybody was smiling and talking. The fairground host was using a megaphone to announce the various activities. He was wearing a crown and a rich brocade costume. He looked like a king. There also all kinds of stall selling food and drinks. The one drinks stall seemed to be the most popular.. Dozens of people are lining up at the stall. My family and I were interested to go there and it was selling home made ice-cream and it have many flavor such as strawberry, grapes, vanilla, chocolate and many more and it was so delicious.

At one corner of the fairground, there was a platform with five musicians on it. However, when we were there, they were not performing. Apparently, something was wrong. The fairground host invited members of the public to sing together. We all have fun and enjoys it very much.

Besides that, there was a clown was doing a juggling act while standing on stilts. The amazing thing was, he was not juggling ball but he was juggling a knife, so amazing. While he was doing a particularly difficult trick, he dropped a knife and luckily, nobody was hurt.

Then, there were also all kinds of rides. My younger’s sister was a bit disappointed that day. They had posters advertising pony-rides, but that days there were no ponies. Apparently, it was their day of rest, so they were not pulling the gaily painted cars around the fair. Grey, somber- looking donkeys were doing the job instead.

We left the fairground at about 11 o’clock. We were exhausted but were very-very happy, especially my younger sister. I hope for the next fun fair, we will go there again.


  1. It was good if you were just telling us what you did. But i thought this was a descriptive english essay that talked about a fair and used meataphors, personification and similarities! Sorry! Ps it very good though x

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