Saturday, August 29, 2009

Essay 2: The Colourful Memories


Everyone has their own memories; either it is sweet, sad, happy or funny memories. Sometimes e can share with anyone but sometimes only our self know about it. From the memory we had and experienced, we can learn something that may help us face many challenges in our future life and also can remind us not to do same bad thing we had done.

In this site, I would like to share with all of you about some memories that make my life became colourful. When I was sitting for UPSR examination, a month before the exam, my school made an extra classes until 5.45 pm every day. I went to school by riding my bicycle. One day, on the way back to home, it rained heavily and I have to stop at one old house until wait the rain stop. Suddenly I heard one scary sound, DUMMMM!! My heart beat faster than usual, when I look in my back, it just a door. I feel like who are have heart attack. After a few minutes, I heard a sound like people walking in the house and one smelly came through my nose.... without thinking anymore, I ran as faster I can and did not realized I left my bicycle. After arrived at home, I told to my family I found a ghost and they did not believe me but laughed at me. Then my father went to the house to take the bicycle. He also looked around the house and there were a group a goat... since that days, my family always bully me, they said I am a coward person like a goat....

Furthermore, I also have a sad memory in my life. It happened when my late grandfather I call him as ‘Tok chik’, died. When I was 5 years old, he is 76 years old but he still had a good health. Physically, he had a round face with no hair, a pair of blue eyes and he is thin person. I love him very much because he always with me anytime and anywhere whether i was sad or in angry mood. If i was bullied by my cousin, tok chik will take me out and walk together around the village and also buy me an ice- cream to persuade me. One Thursday morning, when i am in class, my teacher told me a bad news that my grandfather was sick, at the same time my tear fell down. When i arrived at home, I saw his face was pale but he still smiled when looked at me... before his last breath, he says to me, ‘ my sweet girl ‘. I kiss him for the last time with a lovely kiss.. in my pray I hopes my grandfather always happy and I will meet him again onedays.

That all for today, we will meet again in the next time and I hopes my readers will enjoys it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Essay 3: Delicious Roti Canai

How To Make Roti Canai?

How many of you out there never eaten rati canai? I am sure a lot of tourists have come back to visit Malaysia just to savour our popular ‘flying bread’

In this essay, I would like to share with all of you about how to make your own roti canai, a popular breakfast choice. It is a light, fluffy, flaky, slightly oily Indian bread, usually eaten with curry or dal. For those of you have a sweet tooth, you can also eat roti canai with sugar, condensed milk, honey or any various of jam.

Before that, we must provide this following ingredients:

3 cups of plain flour
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 egg
¾ cup of water
1 cup of ghee
A pitch of salt

First, sit the flour into a bowl. Next, add in sugar, egg and salt. Rub in the ghee and pour in sufficient water to make a dough. Knead the dought until it is soft. Divide the dhough into twelve little portions. Role the portions into small balls. Cover and lets them rest overnight. The dought should be prepared the evening before so that it will be so soft the next morning.

The action really begins the next morning. Take a ball of dought and flatten it on a greased surface. Pull the edges of the dought until it is spread thin. Then grasp the edges and flip thr dought over with an upward swing! You have to do this very quickly so that it will not land on your face. Try this for a few minutes and you will see the dought quickly becoming wide and super thin while spinning in the air. This is how roti canai got the name ‘ the flying bread ‘ among tourists. After that, fold the rati canai into a square. Finally, grill it with some ghee on a hot skillet until it is brown and crispy.

for all the kneading and flipping and swingging, one rati canai cost only about 60 sen at any stall. the question is wheather to buy them warm, fresh and ready to eat, or make them ourselves. the choice is yours and i hopes you all enjoy make your own roti canai, gud luck!!